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"In every life the most important change is always self-change; and in every situation the principles are always the same."

J. Kingston Cowart


Even people in their   60s live longer after   quitting than those   who keep smoking.  

Humphrey Bogart  
was a very heavy   smoker. He died
of    lung cancer when   
he was only 57.  


Most teen smokers    start by age 16; and   have at least one   parent who  

The odds of getting   asthma are doubled  
for children whose   mothers smoke  
more than 10    cigarettes  
per day.   


Blood pressure drops   down to normal after  
just 20 minutes  
and stabilizes  
there within  
24 hours.  

Elevated carbon    monoxide levels in  
the blood normalize  
in only 8 hours.  

The senses of taste   and smell come fully  
alive and are truly   pleasurable again.  

Freedom in breathing   and freshness of   breath return.  

Life becomes much  
more enjoyable.  


Save money and improve your health
right away when you quit smoking
with hypnosis by phone.

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  J. Kingston Cowart, a leading expert on hypnosis in San Diego, can   help you today—just as he has helped thousands of others since he first   began using hypnosis by phone and face-to-face in the early 1970s.

  The average smoker burns up $2700 in cigarettes year—and the cost   of smoking will only increase in the future. Factor in the money you will   save as a nonsmoker on home, auto, and life insurance premiums alone   and using hypnosis to quit smoking by phone easily pays for itself—plus   more than enough to let you take a Caribbean cruise for two every year.

  Save on gas and inconvenience. You don't have to travel to your   personal hypnosis session. You can make an appointment to quit   smoking by hypnosis over the phone at any time that is best for you -   and right in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office,   or wherever you choose. All you need is a telephone.

  The alarming health risks of smoking are well known. Smoking is not   only a leading cause of cancer but also stroke, heart   attack, emphysema,  vascular disease, and many other deadly or   disabling  conditions.

  These risks diminish greatly when you stop smoking. Smoking   induced high heart rate and blood pressure return to normal within 24   hours. The lungs clear themselves of tar and other substances in just a   few months; and lung tissues heal and appear normal within a few years.
  The risk of heart disease of all kinds decreases an average of 50% in the   first year. And after five years the threat of death from cancer and stroke   drops way down as well.

  Just imagine how good you will feel as your body becomes its   natural self again. You will breathe more freely, have far less fatigue,   much more energy, strength, and a more lively sense of well-being.

  Your mind will be free of anxious worry about what smoking might   do to you and those you love.

  Hypnosis by phone is fast. Historically it is the original form of brief   therapy. Since ancient times, hypnosis has always had the power to   work fast and make it last. Today J. Kingston Cowart has developed a   system of rapid hypnosis induction and quick-flash suggestion   techniques specifically designed for hypnosis by phone.

  Hypnosis by phone is safe. People in hypnosis are always able to be   fully aware of their surroundings. They do not accept suggestions against   their will or which they do not like. If the phones stopped working (which   in Mr. Cowart's practice has never happened) clients would end the   hypnosis session on their own—and retain all the benefits it provided up   to that point.

  Hypnosis by phone is effective. New research explains why hypnosis   works so well. Hypnotic suggestions produce thoughts and images in the   mind. That stimulates the release of biochemical substances called   neurotransmitters in the brain—where they influence how we feel and   behave.

  By presenting the right words, thoughts, and images in the right way   during the deep rest of hypnosis, J. Kingston Cowart is able to to   generate new influences which lead clients to stop smoking.

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If you are serious about quitting,
then there is no time to wait
and no reason for delay.

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To Make Tomorrow Better Today

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Not every benefit of hypnosis can necessarily be guaranteed for every person every time. It is important to have a professional evaluation
of your individual potentials. Call for your free evaluation today.

J. Kingston Cowart
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"Making Tomorrow Better Today" since 1970.

J. Kingston Cowart works with people
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important c
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